Deprecation of wins50_wfp_2050_nl_daily_3d version 1

Version 1 for the wins50_wfp_2050_nl_daily_3d dataset has been deprecated. The data in this dataset comes from the HARMONIE model with a wind farm parameterisation. The model simulated a scenario for 2050. The locations and properties of the wind turbines were used as the input for the model. For one type of wind turbine, the height of the turbine and the diameter of the rotor in the input files were swapped. This concerns approximately 3750 turbines in future wind farms from the scenario. Consequentially impacting both wind energy production and atmospheric parameters such as wind speed in and around these wind farms. Hence it is not recommended to use this dataset for studies. The simulations will most likely be run again with corrected wind turbine input files and should be available in a few months. The version is available till the 10th of April 2028.

As version 1 has been deprecated, its endpoint, which was located at open-data/datasets/wins50_wfp_2050_nl_daily_3d/versions/1/files, has also been deprecated.

For more information about the deprecation policy, visit the deprecation page.