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12-11-2020: Issues with e-mails resolved

The issues with sending out e-mails have been resolved. If you still do not receive any e-mails when performing one of the following actions, please let us know :

  • Signing up as a user
  • Resetting your password
  • Requesting a new API key

11-11-2020: Issues with e-mails

We are currently experiencing some issues with sending out e-mails. It is possible that you do not receive e-mails when:

  • Signing up as a user
  • Resetting your password
  • Requesting a new API key

We are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

16-09-2020: Migration to new Tyk version

Tyk, the API Management Platform used by KNMI, released a new version of their product. Today, on September 16th 2020, migration to this new version will take place between 13:00 and 15:00 CEST. During the migration, the following functionality will be temporarily unavailable in the Developer Portal:

  • User registration;
  • User authentication;
  • Requests for new API keys;

Existing API keys will continue to work during and after the migration. There should be no down-time for the available APIs. Users don’t have to make changes to their existing applications.

17-07-2020: Release Actuele10mindataKNMIstations version 2

On 11-06-2020, we announced that the Actuele10mindataKNMIstations dataset would be subject to change in the near future. As of July 15th 2020, a new version of the dataset is available via the following endpoint:

This new dataset version brings the changes described in the previous post. In short, in the previous version of the Actuele10mindataKNMIstations dataset filenames have a timestamp suffix without date. Therefore, dataset files from the previous day are gradually overwritten by new files. In the new dataset version, the timestamp suffix of a dataset file consists of both a date and time.

Both datasets versions are available for use. Eventually, we will deprecate version 1 of the Actuele10mindataKNMIstations dataset in favor of version 2. Therefore, we recommend users to switch to the newest version.

01-07-2020: Numerical model output of HIRLAM will no longer be available

As of July 1st 2020, numerical model output of HIRLAM will no longer be available, only HARMONIE-AROME production will remain (currently the deterministic output of cycle 40). The HARMONIE-AROME area is significantly smaller than HIRLAM. For applications that require a larger (output) domain, reference can be made to ECMWF. The KNMI can facilitate and setup ECMWF data. Contact for more information.

11-06-2020: Announcement changes in Actuele10mindataKNMIstations dataset

Currently, the files in the Actuele10mindataKNMIstations dataset only contain the timestamp in their filename, for example This means that the files are overwritten each day. In the nearby future we will be publishing a dataset where also the date will be included in the filename. Furthermore, the file which always contains the latest data,, will be removed. This to ensure that the dataset structure is more in line with other updating datasets.

Both datasets will be available in parallel for a while to ensure that you have enough time to migrate your scripts to the dataset’s successor. If you want to receive a notification when the version of the dataset is available, contact us .

19-05-2020: The KNMI Data Platform is live!

The first version of the KNMI Data Platform (KDP) is live! It provides basic API access to all open datasets of the KNMI.

A small group of test users has been be invited to start using the KDP and to give feedback on its usability. Step by step more users will be added to the group. In the meantime, the KDP team will work hard to incorporate the feedback and to implement new features.